Episode Twenty One: Fuck Millennials and Their Laziness

Episode Twenty One: Fuck Millennials and Their Laziness

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Twenty One: Fuck Millennials and Their Laziness

This week, Turg and Randy take on the second of a four episode series discussing the perceptions surrounding the Millennial generation, in specific…

As a generation are we lazy, or do we just get a bad rap?

Turg doesn’t feel like doing this episode. Randy explains why he used to show up to job interviews in his workout clothes. Turg and Randy discuss why our inability to find stable employment may be perceived initiative. Initiative takes different forms, but the reality is undermined by the perception. The job market has been officially wrecked by the power of the Internet. Why Turg quitting his job, cold-turkey, could have been perceived as lazy or unmotivated. Do Millennials lack the proper characteristics of previously successful generations?

Millennials might actually be their own worst enemy when it comes to getting “unstuck” in life. Do Millennials lack the confidence to help them break out from the spiral of laziness? Are Millennials setting themselves up for failure by setting expectations that are too lofty to help keep them motivated to achieve more? How does one understand they’re investing their time wisely to help them succeed and not maintain the perception of being lazy? Turg discusses his need for validation in order to know his journey is on track. Can the need for validation or affirmation of what we do come off as being too needy or entitled?

Turg makes the argument that the effort might be neglected when looking at the Millennial generation through the magnifying lens.

When the effort is overlooked, the perception might be that, instead of being seen hardworking, Millennials are lazy. Randy argues maybe Millennials are not putting enough time into what is expected in order to be seen as “hard working” and not lazy or entitled. Why does eating organic translate to being lazy? Turg and Randy talk about how eating Organic or being a Vegan takes work and the effort is too much for a lot of Millennials. Turg thinks Millennials are lazy since a lot of them just tend to opt out of eating Organic. Randy invokes the power of his Millennial paranoia and Turg says fuck it.

Can we get a little more love for the Millennial generation here? Catch us next week as we discuss more pitfalls of the Millennial generation and whether or not we feel they are warranted or just straight bullshit.

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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