Episode Nineteen: Relationships – Are You the Master of Your Own Demise?

Episode Nineteen: Relationships – Are You the Master of Your Own Demise?

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Nineteen: Relationships – Are You the Master of Your Own Demise?

Hey now! Turg and Randy Z are back and in business with a new episode to end a series of listener questions surrounding relationships and what to do when you become the master of your own demise. But first they discuss…

Randy getting stuck in DC. Why Southwest is garbage. The benefits of traveling carry-on only. Why planes are constantly falling out of the sky. Why Randy forgets his flight was cancelled. Randy watches Get Out and shares his thoughts. The guys discuss zombies. Turg hates the Randy “wow” remark and cracks the “wow” code. Randy’s car gets keyed. Turg raises his street cred. Meteorologists are just well-dressed snake oil salesmen. Turg reflects on the previous episode and the missed opportunities. Turg issues a mea culpa for missing some developmental details from last week’s discussion about compromise in relationships.

The guys bridge the topics from last week to this week when they discuss how one would be able to identify that their partner is holding them back. Making change on your own to benefit the relationship, is it actually effective? Seeking advice and an objective opinion is a weakness many share. Why Randy can’t put up with bullshit anymore. Defense mechanisms and why Turg decides to “manbash”. How often have you asked yourself “Am I the problem”? Reflecting on your own folly; self-diagnosing your own mistakes.

This time the guys ask the difficult questions about when relationships breakdown like…

when do you draw the line on relationship strain? How much emotional dependence should one derive from a relationship? Should a relationship be your sole source of fulfillment? When someone else needs you too much, what do you do? How about when someone doesn’t need you at all, how do you approach that situation? Why giving too much of yourself is not a healthy relationship goal. How do we know we are giving too much? Why emotional stability can be derived from many sources – and when it fails to fulfill you within your relationship.

Finally, the guys address relationship nuance – do you stay or do you go; how and when do you decide after the relationship has been derailed? Why people stay for selfish reasons. How many don’t realize their relationship has been failing and refuse to cut ties for whatever reason keeps them in check. Why we often over-invest in relationships and fear pulling away. And can we ever make the right decision when it comes to cutting ties?

We want to hear from you! A lot of times we talk a lot about relationships because at thirty, they become the core of our lives – in every regard. We love, we learn, we live and we die by relationships. So with that, we want to know:

Have you been in a one-sided relationship or several relationships? Have a story to share?Need advice from two dudes who might not have the slightest clue on what to do? Drop us a line and let us know and maybe we’ll feature it on our next episode.

Don’t forget to listen through all the way to the end. Randy threw in a treat for our fans out there.

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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