Episode Forty Nine: The Truth About Credit with Markus Allen

Episode Forty Nine: The Truth About Credit with Markus Allen

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Forty Nine: The Truth About Credit with Markus Allen

Join Turg and Randy Z as they sit down with their guest – Markus Allen, life hacker extraordinaire – and crack open the secrets of how to master financial success, wage war against a credit system that is waged against us and as they dismiss some of the major myth of the antiquated credit system and…

Why are the fiscal habits we develop in our 20s carry over to our 30s?

Turg continues the discussion from the last episode – Millennials suck at finances. After discussing life events and how they impact finances, the time has come to discuss more long term financial setbacks. Millennials aren’t nearly as proactive with finances as other generations. Turg says that building financial goals helps bridge the gap here, but Millennials just don’t seem to care.

Is a financial planner necessary to master financial freedom in our 30s?

Randy mentions how he really doesn’t show much concern about his finances. Why would we trust someone else to manage our finances when we don’t even know how to manage our finances on our own? Turg thinks that making mistakes and learning is much more valuable than just having someone manage them for us.

Give the episode a listen and join the guys as they get into immense detail about all things credit score during their interview with Markus.

Be knowledgeable about how the system works. To learn more about Markus, the insights and products he provides, follow him on Twitter and check out his journey to achieve an excellent credit score in a few short months from absolutely nothing on his My Amazing Discoveries blog. Don’t be fooled by the credit industry and end up paying a ton of money to Uncle Sam for no reason. We’re here to try and help guide you to smarter financial decisions.

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