Episode Forty Four: Let’s Talk About Death

Episode Forty Four: Let’s Talk About Death

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Forty Four: Let’s Talk About Death

Join Turg and Randy Z as they take the discussion in a different direction and discuss probably the most mysterious aspect of living – dying – and how they view death through the lens of members of the Millennial generation and… 

Would you rather be burred or cremated?

Randy shares some staggering statistics about the US viewpoint on how death is processed. Have you considered what is going to happen to you after you die? Do you care? According to Randy’s research, burials are the most popular form of processing death in the US in comparison with other nations that believe in cremation. Turg thinks as a society, we have this obsession with latching onto the past. It’s something we don’t always think about, but it’s very important because this decision – a decision we make while living – can affect those we love in many different ways.

Getting a grip on death that happens around us

Tragedy can strike at any time throughout our lives. The guys spend some time discussing the loss they have encountered in their 30s – often of people they have known that were also in their 30s. Death does not choose who, why, when, or how – we do. Our actions – from past and present – dictate these factors. It is difficult enough trying to accept death on a daily basis without having to face it in our lives, with the people that we love or have grown to love. Does death creep in every time we reflect on these circumstances?

How did we get here (alive)?

Turg and Randy discuss how their reality has completely changed ever since turning 30. Turg mentions how – in his 20s – he could not fathom living beyond a certain point. He was not able to see himself make it because of all of the unnecessary risk he took throughout his early life. Randy breaths a sigh of relief knowing he’s not alone in the sense that he is struggling finding completion in his 30s. Now that Turg has children, however, he may not live long at all with all the stress and anxiety that accompanies those responsibilities.

Is death trending for the Millennial generation?

Death is seen as a fad in many cultures. Does this hold true for Millennials? With all of these trends on social media or mainstream media – it almost seems like death is always on the mind of Millennials. The popularity of the anti-death movement, does that mean our generation will live longer? Does healthy living correlate to longer life? Do gym selfies help put the long-life energy out in the world to help stave off death? Is Instagram the secret to unlocking the fountain of youth (Turg thinks, yes). As a generation, there is a lot of positive momentum going in our favor with food, healthy options, and just all around good living that will perpetuate the aura of long-life. But are we a generations of talkers and not do-ers?

Does technology undo all the healthy living we attempt?

Turg mentions how technology holds him back from being his healthy self. Being too connected builds distractions that take use away from our goals. Are accountability partners necessary in order for our success? Randy talks about how he once had an accountability partner that allowed him to maintain a routine. When that accountability partner moved away, Randy fell through on his personal commitment to himself. How do we just unplug and maintain that personal integrity? Turg and Randy definitely have trouble holding themselves accountable to themselves. With all that is going on in life, it’s difficult to turn a blind eye to our commitments. But isn’t the commitment to ourselves even greater?

So what do you do to ward off death in your 30s? How are you delaying the inevitable? Have you ever thought about how you wanted to die? And who’s Craig, anyway?

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