Episode Fifty Two: Redefining the Holidays

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Fifty Two: Redefining the Holidays

Join Turg and Randy Z as they prepare for colder weather, hot cocoa, and – of course – the holiday season and discuss the significance of coping with the changing attitudes toward the holidays that comes with getting further along in their 30s and the dynamics of food, family, football and “fun” and…

How has the perception of the holidays changed now that age factors into mindset?

Turg discusses how the holidays are no longer just about family and good times – they’re all about Star Wars. Constantly redefining how we view the holidays is a major part of getting older – especially for the Millennial generation. Learning to see things from different perspectives, might help realign the traditional mindset behind the so-called “Holiday Spirit”, however it might not help identify why someone stops celebrating all together. If someone doesn’t participate in the holidays, are they seen as anti-communal? The flip side of the coin is that the holidays could provide more of an impact on someone with a newfound meaning behind the holiday season. This is not the case for Randy as he talks about how things with the family dynamic around the holidays has changed. When things deviate, is that life’s way of re-prioritizing or is it just waning interest.

Randy discusses how gift giving and the symbolism behind the gesture of sharing gifts with friends and family changes with age. Turg feels that gift giving has dramatically changed with age and shouldn’t have. However, Christmas, for example, has taken on an entirely new dynamic now with the advent of a more aggressive economy. Mass consumerism has distorted the meaning of giving gifts and what it means to give and receive. Turg talks about how Christmas is about tradition. It’s important to remember how tradition should be the focal point of the holiday season. For Turg, it’s important to build that tradition and instill those in his children for the future.

With the change of the family dynamic, how has the holiday season taken on new meaning?

Turg and Randy discuss how age changes the desire to want to celebrate or maybe even participate in the traditional experience. As children, there were different definitions that helped shape the holiday season for both Turg and Randy. As Thanksgiving nears, Turg and Randy share their childhood experiences contrasted with their adult experiences. There is a huge contrast between celebrating the holidays as kids versus as adults. Thanksgiving seems almost unnecessary now. The culture shift has almost made this holiday obsolete. But it’s important to keep in mind that regardless of the meaning, the foundation of the holiday season is family and creating shared memories built around traditions.

How do we maintain tradition for future generations despite the shift in beliefs and significance? Should we maintain the status quo or keep pushing to transform the holidays into something more meaningful on an individual level? How are you planning on celebrating the holidays this year? What’s changed from previous years? Why has it changed? Should we revert back to the old, nostalgic ways of celebrating the holidays? Is it even possible with the changing family dynamics over the years?

So many questions, so little answered. You may hear from us again about the holidays as both Turg and Randy love this time of year the most.

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