Episode Fifty Three: Talking Thirty, Two Years Later

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Fifty Three: Talking Thirty, Two Years Later

Join Turg and Randy Z as they walk down memory lane and recap the past two years of the Talk Thirty To Me podcast – the high’s and the low’s, the positives and the negatives, the hidden motifs, ideas that didn’t quite make the show, some behind the scenes banter, and all of the in-between moments that weren’t really transparent throughout the entire run of the show and…

Turg and Randy talk lessons learned from Guadalajara

Randy traveled to Guadalajara and talks about the growth that came with his first trip to the mainland of Mexico. He touches on how the trip really challenged his notion of normal. Turg dropped Randy a small note about ‘relating to the reality of nostalgia’ and he did just that. Connecting your childhood to your roots is an underlying theme of a lot of personal growth for your beloved protagonists. While Turg has yet to travel down this path, Randy took the bull by the horns and embraced this connection between his childhood and his journey through thirty. Have you ever lived your childhood while you were traveling abroad – either to your homeland or somewhere else that felt like home?

How have Turg and Randy have learned, loved, and grown from the show?

Turg reflects on how he was thinking about the podcast with that aura of nostalgia. Talking thirty isn’t just an idea or a show – it has become a lifestyle for your handsome hosts. The guys hone in onhow they felt the show has helped them love, learn, grown, and become accountable to the only person that matters in their life – their respective selves.

They also talk a lot of shit to each other…because, why not?!

Tune in to find out more of the crazy antics, behind the scenes production and thoughts, the development of the show over the past two years, and more!

 One more episode left on the season, then we’re on hiatus until after the New Year.

See ya’ll next week.

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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