Episode Fifty Four: Fin – The Sankeyz Story

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Fifty Four: Fin – The Sankeyz Story

Join Turg and Randy Z as they sit down with the controversial Producer of Talk Thirty To Me – Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez and discuss the coming of age story that will bring a once unheard and arguably fresh perspective into the fray that will forever change the way that the guys discuss anything ever again on the show. The one who doesn’t speak, now speaks. Hear what he has to say and…

Sankeyz goes to Colombia to explore his roots

Journey with us as we dive into the Sankeyz saga and his exploits in Colombia for his 30th birthday. In order to celebrate and discover what he wants to do with his life moving forward, he wanted to explore what makes him unique. The primary goal of his journey was to discover ‘What do I do?’ We think this is such an important question in the Journey Through Thirty and how to overcome these pitfalls that bog down most people when transitioning from their 20s to their 30s.

How do we derive inspiration throughout our journey?

Sankeyz and Turg get into a debate regarding how to find inspiration along the journey into 30. When you struggle to find the resources to make the necessary changes that impact the new chapter in your life. Support structures are essential in pushing through the hardships in your 30s. What if you can’t leverage a support structure that actually works to help you cope with the challenges of 30? A lot of people rely on their parents for this inspiration and often times that isn’t a viable solution because of their limited experience. What happens then when you can’t find yourself among all the noise and distraction that approaches us during our 30s? It’s not always the avenue we seek, but the challenge is to explore outside of our community – our comfort zone – in terms of networking with people we might not normally encounter in our daily lives.

Getting to know the role we have with our families and friends

In order to successfully navigate our lives in our 30s, we need a strong start. Sankeyz shares the experiences that have set him back in his 20s and how he plans to build his purpose and identify his role for the next chapter of his life. Sankeyz shares the familial background that has built his inquisitive nature. In a search for himself, he stumbles across the experiences that have formed what has shaped his life today. Ultimately, you choose who you want to be. Sankeyz shares his experiences with his parents and grandparents and how he has transitioned into being more of a student of life rather than trying to control his future.

Rising above the rest and bringing everyone up with us – the counter-immigrant mindset

As immigrants in a world that does not support the immigrant mentality, how do you break through and conquer the American Dream? Sankeyz shares his insight into how the immigrant mindset overcomes him. Often times it’s difficult to carve your own path instead of traveling down a path that has already been created for you. But we all know, deep down inside, there is more to us than what meets the eye. This is the challenge our parents have when trying to guide and nurture us forward. In Turg’s opinion, the time for parental guidance and support is over. However, most Millennials cannot break away from underneath the wing of their supportive parents. The problem then, becomes the fact that parents just don’t understand. We’ve been here before and its still a question to a topic that holds so many answers, it’s almost impossible to define. It’s all a matter of perspective, comfort, and courage.

Learning to ‘experience’ at thirty – is it as easy as we think?

Sankeyz shares his recent developments in turning 30 and why he’s been blindsided by the new number. Changes in his body have alerted him to the fact that it’s not just as easy as celebrating a birthday anymore; the decisions we make to either listen or ignore something like our bodies – for example – is a choice we have to live with for life. Turg continues with a thought that ultimately, the decisions – all decisions – we make, come with a price. This price varies, however, these decisions get more serious as we become older and are subject to more critical circumstances in our lives. It all comes back to the mindset.

Our conversation comes to another fork – taking us back to the earlier sentiment that was shared. As immigrants – and bear with us here as we share our insight – we are always taught to be less than. Randy interjects and comes to challenge Turg with his leadership comments from Season 1 and asks how one experience can define a person. The long and short of it is, it can’t. We all know a series of events lead up to a single interaction, and those interactions may, in fact, be the culmination of our decision. What we see as the end result of a decision is not always the reason. The story is always the answer we seek.

What makes you uncomfortable and how would you address it. This is 30 – at least according to Sankeyz…

Why do we always end our seasons with really dramatic conclusions? Man, we love this stuff. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Sankeyz story as much as we did. We surely learned a lot – and there is certainly more to come with this newfound perspective. If you want more from Sankeyz – you can find him anywhere and everywhere @IAmSankeyz.

Folks, this concludes our 2nd Season. Randy and I are overjoyed that you have shared all of these moments throughout the year with us. We will be on hiatus until after the New Year. We have something real special planned for Season 3, stay tuned for more from us until then!

See ya’ll in 2018. Happy Holidays!

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