Fuck Millennials

Fuck Millennials – The Series

This series is intended to bring to light the issues surrounding the Millennial generation and the topics that are most frequently discussed. The “Fuck Millennials” series was originally intended to be released earlier on in the year, but due to the need to develop the ideas and arguments behind the respective topics, we decided to delay the production and subsequent release. Here, we obviously offer up our own opinions and insight as to why we feel the way we do. On top of all that, we shed light on either how these stereotypes (or perceptions) may or may not be truly indicative of the Millennial generation. As Millennials, we try to do our best to help capture the perspective and discuss the social issues that have been encountered throughout our every day life.

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Twenty: Fuck Millennials and Their Sense of Entitlement

Turg and Randy  the first of a series discussing the pitfalls of the generation known as the Millennial generation, in specific

Millennials and their sense of entitlement. Is it a warranted perception?

The guys plan to use this very pronounced theme of perception versus reality throughout the next few weeks as they discuss topics that involve the key societal characteristics of the Millennial generation as society dictates. Self-esteem plays a major role in the Millennial struggle. Society often paints Millennials as overconfident or arrogant in many ways. Randy discusses how he took classes as a kid to help reinforce his self-esteem. Additionally, Turg and Randy speak to perception as a reality because of how society reinforces these seemingly negative identities. Why Turg was straight up told he was too arrogant during a job interview. Randy touches on how being the jack of all trades is often times seen as a negative. Randy reveals that he was terrified of the self-esteem puppets as a child.

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Twenty One: Fuck Millennials and Their Laziness

This week, Turg and Randy take on the second of a four episode series discussing the perceptions surrounding the Millennial generation, in specific…

As a generation are we lazy, or do we just get a bad rap?

Turg doesn’t feel like doing this episode. Randy explains why he used to show up to job interviews in his workout clothes. Turg and Randy discuss why our inability to find stable employment may be perceived initiative. Initiative takes different forms, but the reality is undermined by the perception. The job market has been officially wrecked by the power of the Internet. Why Turg quitting his job, cold-turkey, could have been perceived as lazy or unmotivated. Do Millennials lack the proper characteristics of previously successful generations?

Millennials might actually be their own worst enemy when it comes to getting “unstuck” in life. Do Millennials lack the confidence to help them break out from the spiral of laziness? Are Millennials setting themselves up for failure by setting expectations that are too lofty to help keep them motivated to achieve more? How does one understand they’re investing their time wisely to help them succeed and not maintain the perception of being lazy? Turg discusses his need for validation in order to know his journey is on track. Can the need for validation or affirmation of what we do come off as being too needy or entitled?

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Twenty Two: Fuck Millennials and Their Selfish Tendencies

This week, Turg and Randy take on the third of four episodes discussing how the Millennial generation is viewed by society, in specific…

As a generation Millennials are straight up selfish beings?

Randy thinks Millennials are just straight up flakes and why flaking is a sign of Millennial selfishness.. Turg thinks that Millennial flakiness is not just an expectation, it’s a part of Millennial behaviors. Do other Millennials expect this behavior from their fellow Millennial friends?  The guys discuss the latest blog postDating in Your 30s: Why You Should Date “More than One” to Find “The One” – and how it really captures the Millennial spirit in that it defines the shift away from more of a settling mentality to more of an individual awareness. So, the guys discuss how selfish might actually not be a bad thing as now the individual spirit is more important than the professional spirit. When it comes to companies investing in their people, Turg and Randy think this symbolizes the downfall of the “company person” mentality. Turg thinks this gives rise to more entrepreneurial mindset. Randy says Turg isn’t properly defining the true “entrepreneur”. Then Randy refuses to join the dark side in agreeing with Turgs definition and argues small business is way different than entrepreneur. Randy feels that entrepreneurs are, in fact, true contributors to societal problems and aren’t – as Turg argues – selfish.


Talk Thirty to Me Episode Twenty Three: Fuck Millennials and Their Shallowness

Join Turg and Randy as they wrap up the Fuck Millennials discussion with the pinnacle of topics: shallowness and…

You’re collateral damage in someone’s business model

Find out why the guys use an American Gladiators reference to kick off the show. Randy drops a nugget of truth and wisdom in saying whoever can sustain the longest wins the rat race of life. Discover the guys favorite American Gladiator events. The guys continue discussing how social media is contributing greatly to the increase of shallow behavior among the general population, how the Millennial push for more media and more information is killing confidence.

When being shallow consumes the consumer, where do we draw the line? Turg argues that vanity and self-interest is driving and thinks Millennials are the drivers of these influencing effects. Are we influenced by the pressures around us to conform to the standards we see?

If you have anything to share about this series or would maybe like to share how you feel after listening, chime in and let us know what you think. Or if you just don’t care about being perceived as entitled, lazy, selfish, or shallow and you’re going to stay the course – we’d also like to know why!

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