Episode Seventeen: Leaving Your Old Self Behind

Episode Seventeen: Leaving Your Old Self Behind

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Seventeen: Leaving Your Old Self Behind

Join your world-renown Man Bun teasers, Turg & Randy Z, as they explore the very depths of their souls in order to painfully mine the memories of the past needed to help develop this show and…

the guys talk bachelor parties and Turg’s San Diegan exploits with his college buddies, how grooming your genitals in your 30s is an absolute must, why experiences are different now in your thirties, how finances unlock the purest form of male debauchery, why Randy can’t seem fathom drunken urination, where Randy disagrees with Turgs male bonding hygienic standards, how comparing experiences from our 20s to our 30s just poses things in a disturbing light, why rocking out with your balls out is a reality in your 30s, how shedding your 20s and embracing your 30s is the new normal, if faking it ’till you make it is the gold standard of our generation then what happens when you make it, debating the differences between deep rooted change and superficial change and how they impact life at 30, owning your truth and becoming “your self” , discussing Turg’s journey and revelations along the way, how not identifying with culture – during their childhood – affects their adult life, why relationship identity theft is a real big problem and trying to regain post-breakup, why change can embody many forms throughout your adult life, and the realization that the process of self-discovery is a rebellion in and of itself.

Join the guys for this week’s episode that covers a lot of new concepts that will carry on throughout this season. This is what we call a “key topic”. Turg gets real and Randy helps him get there. It’s a wild ride, sometimes a ride that takes many different turns to get to the final point, but a wild ride none-the-less.

Intro Music:
Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

Outro Music:

Sharon Jones by Brutis Perux

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