Episode Eleven: The Future Is Now, So What’s Next?

Episode Eleven: The Future Is Now, So What’s Next?

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Eleven: The Future Is Now. So What’s Next?

They’re back and better than ever! Join your favorite hosts Turg & Randy Z as they kick off the new season and new year to discuss…

how 2016 ended with a bang, what happened in November, how Turg and Randy look toward the future, how leasing ideas is the new way to think,  how politics is incredibly convoluted, if Idiocracy is actually coming true, if America can actually reset, if anyone actually become President, potentially incorrect facts and biased opinions consume the general populous (and your beloved hosts are not immune), why global culture pales in comparison to the US, how Randy thinks he knows German music, if the world can topple over a single tweet, what approach may be best at defeating evil, if talking about your feelings actually works, learning how to cope with new and foreign concepts, why it’s important to rally up, and how change isn’t always bad.

You listen to us out of love and we bring you this caffeine soaked, slurred speech filled, mildly politically charged, brilliantly composed, and newly formatted episode for your immediate consumption.  Listen and discuss!

Intro Music:
Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez.

Outro Music:
No Turning Back by Brutis Perux

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