Episode Eight: Nipple Stickers and Triscuits (feat. Audrey Bellis)

Episode Eight: Nipple Stickers and Triscuits (feat. Audrey Bellis)

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Eight: Nipple Stickers and Triscuits

Join Randy Z & Turg as they sit down with their guest, Audrey Bellis, (Entrepreneur) to discuss…Randy’s adjustment to his new normal post-op, Turg’s new lease on life, Randy’s encounter with a man eater, the Vancouver trip that treated Randy incredibly well, why Vegas did Turg Dirty, why Audrey can’t quite remember Vegas, why we fear girls with nipple stickers, an introduction to the Worthy Thirties, the Story behind Audrey’s Book deal, why vulnerability is important, choose her everyday or let her go, why relationships are all about leading great teams, why it’s okay to end dates after an appetizer, how to learn to ask for help, when you realize you want what your parents have, finding time for your spouse with busy lives and kids, why it’s always only ever about you, how projection is perception, trying to love the best way you know how, and why life is all about accountability.

This is one of our longest episodes to-date, but it is jam packed with tons of stories and laughs so be sure to set aside some solid listen time for this one!

Audrey is a first generation Latina actively building the tech community in downtown as the founder of StartUp DTLA and as a co-founder of Grid110. She also supports female tech entrepreneurs, executives, & creatives as the founder of #WorthyWomen. Follow her on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn to keep up with all of her projects, news, and new releases!

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