Episode Thirty One: Career, Influence and Personal Growth

Episode Thirty One: Career, Influence and Personal Growth

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Thirty One: Taking Inventory at Thirty

Join Turg and Randy Z are visited again by their guest Obioma Okonko –  entrepreneur and co-founder of the Teachers Lounge 90210 in Los Angeles – as they discuss career changes in your thirties and they discover how starting over for Millennials is a lot more common than they thought as well as…

We finally learn about our guest Obi and what makes him so unique. Obi shares his journey of growth throughout his career and helps us learn more about his endeavors from teaching to IT to teaching professionals how to use new systems.

How do you take advice? Did you get advice growing up that helped you change the course of your future growth?

Obi talks about how he set up a business focused on helping college students navigate their finances through their journey to graduation. Turg, Randy and Obi discuss how advice is taken when we’re younger and how you never learn by hearing – you learn by doing. Randy thinks it all depends on the strength of that advice that helps send the message across.

How do you define success? When do you know you’ve arrived at that successful point in your life?

Obi talks about his personal goal setting and tools to measure success. Randy speaks to how he realized his calling and how he decided to do what he does now. Realizing you’ve turned a hobby or passion into a career may sometimes be easier than you think. Always think about how you’re learning rather than what you’re doing.

Is it better to start from the bottom and work your way up? Is it better coming in ‘off the street’ to bring about change in your work life? Do the followers make the best leaders?

Turg thinks that the experience learned throughout a career is the most valuable tool to help grow and develop future leaders. Obi talks real-world work experience. Why is the ‘big break’ so hard to attain? Is education the key to success within industry? Randy thinks that education is a tough pill to swallow when it comes to growing experience and knowledge. A lot of what I taught isn’t always applicable to real world situations. That path toward eventual success is the most difficult to attain. Millennials got it bad when the economy collapsed and now it’s all about making up for lost time. Thirty is the age of pushing and closing the gap between the Millennial generation and others.

Behind every great man is an even greater woman.

Turg gets real on the podcast. Turg’s wife is the motivation behind his genius. Randy and Obi talk decisions and life and how they come about from their standpoint. Decisions also include financial one’s. What do the guys think about finances and growth now in their 30s? Turg doesn’t like saving. Obi argues what about the people that can’t risk their savings on being a bit more aggressive with their spending? Randy learned a lot from his parents on how to be fiscally responsible – but also how to be more agile with his skill set. Does leveraging your network – work? Is pride an issue when going to friends or even colleagues for help in a time of need?

How does one select a network that – works?

The guys talk networking and how you can leverage the people you know to help you make the changes you seek. Build the relationships and get the opportunity to learn and grow and never stop understanding that improvement is an on-going process.


We are going to miss our friend Obi! Make sure you guys follow him on social media or reach out and let him know what you thought of the episode. As always, know that we take everything our fans send us into serious consideration. With that being said – next week will bring a new change to the show as we line up guests and new topics that parallel a lot of what we have seen in the past TWO seasons of the wonderfully comedic – Master of None – on Netflix. Stay tuned as the journey continues!

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