The Journey Through Thirty – Bucket List

The Journey Through Thirty – Bucket List

Recently, we have been discussing the importance of our 30s and significant milestones we’d like to see define this chapter in our lives. We came up with an idea that we thought would be great to share…

What are some bucket list type things you should look to accomplish during your 30s?

These would include items that would, more or less, define you over the next 10-or-so years. Stuff that you really would like to either see accomplished before your 30s or maybe add to the list of things to do throughout your 30s before you hit your 40s.

These may be something everyone should think about before starting their “Journey Through Thirty”, but if they’re taken more seriously – as a template, rather than a suggestion – we felt they would be critical for future goal setting successes. Of course, ours may look slightly, or dramatically, different than someone else’s, but the principle is the same.

So with that being said, we came up with a list of things that would definitely make our Thirty Bucket List.

Lose virginity (again)

Meeting “the one” is not always the easiest thing to convince yourself you’re either ready to commit to or even ready to start searching for. It is the journey of finding that special someone that you can share all of those special moments with that makes your 30s special. It might never be the “right time” so when you get that gut feeling, maybe it’s time to get serious. It also might be that time to reassess where you’re at in your current relationship; get serious or get out. Marriage isn’t for everyone, and that’s not what we’re advocating, but settling down might actually help you align your goals with success.

Collect more Passport stamps

Traveling the world is something that we might not always see as essential, but it should be. Continent surfing will open you up to new adventures and present new ideas that may inspire you to take an entirely different direction in your 30s. Go ahead and get that passport renewed and venture out abroad. And if it’s too much to travel abroad entirely, then at the very least tour the continent and see what all the fuss is about – for yourself.

Break the “Six Figure” mark

If it’s not in your cross-hairs, it should be. Earning more money often comes with doing more meaningful work, taking on more responsibility, and more risk; what better time than now to start taking your career life more seriously. Ask for that additional project or report that will take you out of your comfort zone. Or, take that leap and use your time after work and on weekends to invest in that side business you’ve been thinking about starting. Get to that level where your peers are looking at you as a leader and not a follower. And if you think that’s too much for where you’re at in your career, maybe a new search is in order; don’t be afraid to look for a change to help make this dream a reality.

“Grow up” the wardrobe

Go ahead and dress the part, you’ve earned it. Your 20’s were a time where personal fashion wasn’t as meaningful as it is now. What you wear, definitely makes a statement and what better time to overhaul that wardrobe than now. Maybe you’re a working professional, or just a creative spirit, invest some time on finding the right look that lets you define yourself. Get rid of the old, tired clothes you’ve had since college and evolve that closet into something other than a walk down memory lane.

Seriously consider health(ier) lifestyle changes

You only live once (unless you’re James Bond) and that means you should take care of that body you’ve been neglecting. Take a chance and spend a little on a fitness tracker band or gym membership. Don’t forget to keep track of your progress; something that will hold you accountable to your new fitness commitment. And if that’s too much for you – a yoga mat and some cowbell weights make a great addition to any home gym. Investing in your personal fitness will resonate throughout this entire list and not only make you get more of it done, but help grow your confidence as well.

Have kids (maybe)(or more kids…maybe)

Ok, so maybe kids aren’t for everyone. One thing kids do help with is motivation. Now that you have something to work for, other than yourself, you need to find ways to make change happen a lot faster than before. You’ll be surprised how having kids really kicks things into high gear. One thing you have to get ready for, however, is being better at time management. Go after that Master’s Degree or start the search for a newer, more lucrative career. It’s always easier said than done, of course, and some people never get it right, but if having kids doesn’t force you to better yourself for the greater good, then nothing will.

Build more equity

What better way of investing in yourself than building a strong portfolio? For some, this might mean cutting out those weekend benders with friends or putting those expensive weekend plans to rest. Opening up a savings or investment account may not only help turn your shrinking bank account into a source of opportunity, but may soon turn into the down payment for that first investment property. This might be the hardest thing to come to terms with, but there is no time like the present to save for the future. It’s time to really capitalize on your successful 30s and turn those dreams into reality. Start now and get ahead of the market or the opportunity may pass you up forever.

Have a #1, chart topping single…in Korea

I mean, come on…who doesn’t want to be famous in the worlds most sought after music industry?

Buy a phone that doesn’t begin with a lower case “i”

Phones aren’t just used as tools anymore, they define us and our productivity. Now is the time to consider buying into something that doesn’t restrict the way we use technology. Gone are the days of buying flagship phones just because they look cool. We have arrived at a time when getting stuff done on-the-go really matters. Look into different options that might look foreign or intimidating, but could really end up redefining your personal and professional future. Ditch the gimmicks. Buy for productivity.

Go for the upgrade

Don’t just go for the base model. It’s time to enjoy the finer things in life – within reason, of course. Why not surround yourself with ideas and possessions that highlight your personal successes and act as a reminder to keep working to achieve what you might have thought was once unattainable. It is important to keep yourself motivated, but at the same time grounded and humbled by your lifelong achievements. You still have a long way to go and nicer things will always be there for when you do arrive at that pinnacle.

Stop settling

Complacency is the killer of all motivation. This is a recurring theme throughout our list and all within good reason. Settling for what you have now will never push you toward greater heights. If you want to achieve the best you have to work hard like the rest. It might sound like a pre-packaged remark, but it’s true. Always know you can do better and keep working toward that goal. Who knows, you might inspire others to do the same thing along the way.

Buy Artisan, Organic, and Sourced Locally – all the time

Fitness isn’t the only factor into turning your 30s into the wonder years. Eating right has the power to alter your physical and mental health as well as invigorate you with a new lease on life. Reading labels isn’t just something soccer moms do anymore, it’s the best thing to do while grocery shopping to ensure you’re putting the right things into your body. And if grocery shopping isn’t for you, maybe it’s time to cross those old, greasy restaurant hangouts off of your list. Fire up that new smartphone and find something fresh. You’ll feel it in the way you compose yourself in every aspect of life; outlooks will transform and so will your body, just wait and see.

Chronicle your legacy

While posting pictures and celebrating milestones on social media has become more of a social norm, so has the acceptance of over sharing. By posting a picture for the whole world to see, we have grown accustomed to sharing only what we want to be perceived as. There is no greater setback than to give the misconception that success comes easy. While our kids, or future generations could easily look back on our twitter feeds or read through the highlights, its also important to share failures and what it took to overcome them.

While we may not be as inclined to share those vulnerable moments in the public sphere, its still incredibly important to document. If not for yourself to look back on for inspiration, then because there is no greater teacher than failure, setback, or obstacle that challenged you to see a different path to victory. Don’t neglect your legacy as it is only as good as the story it is able to tell. And how can you tell something you can’t remember? Buy a notebook and create a journal. Or a new (video) camera and create a life blog! And if you’re hesitant about taking the time to do so, don’t be. Start small and fit it into your daily life. Once you start getting used to the whole process, documenting your thoughts and accomplishments will feel almost second nature. Maybe you could even start a blog…who knows?!

Flaunt your philanthropic side

Your life is most likely a product of some kind of philanthropic efforts laid down by others. Now it’s time to return the favor. Those community services don’t just appear out of thin air, they require people like us to step up and lead. Give back to help others enjoy similar experiences to what helped mold and shape your life. This will only resonate itself through your bucket list and not only give you that feeling of gratification, but it could also serve to boost your resume, increase value in your network or simply give you that sense of accomplishment you’ve been searching for.

“DIY” Ourselves

Gone are the days of relying on others to do things for us or help us with those simple life tasks. Now is the time to step up and learn how to be the “jack of all trades”. Go ahead and fix that leaky faucet, plant that garden, or redo the kitchen (woah…OK maybe stay away from YouTube tutorials that take more than one video to explain). Hey, that clogged drain won’t fix itself so buy the tools you need to get the job done right and execute. You’ll thank us later.

Master the illusive “Work Life Balance”

This is arguably the most difficult thing to do. Of course, it would sound contradictory for us to say go ahead and pass on all of the extra work – especially when you’re trying to break the six figure mark. But, when it comes to your life, you come first. This is tricky to do and takes careful management of your time, however, it can be done. Remember, sitting inside of an office isn’t as rewarding as hiking to the top of that waterfall or lounging on the beach all day.


Did we get it all? Of course not! But that shouldn’t stop you from making your own “Thirty Bucket List” in an effort to make the best of your 30s. What are some things that you would include in your bucket list? Join the discussion on Twitter @talkthirtypod, on our Facebook page or simply sound off in the comments section below. Don’t forget to use the #JourneyThruThirty tag in your posts!

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