Episode Twenty Two: Fuck Millennials and Their Selfish Tendencies

Episode Twenty Two: Fuck Millennials and Their Selfish Tendencies

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Twenty Two: Fuck Millennials and Their Selfish Tendencies

Join Turg and Randy as they take on the third of four episodes discussing how the Millennial generation is viewed by society, in specific…

As a generation Millennials are straight up selfish beings.

Randy thinks Millennials are just straight up flakes and why flaking is a sign of Millennial selfishness.. Turg thinks that Millennial flakiness is not just an expectation, it’s a part of Millennial behaviors. Do other Millennials expect this behavior from their fellow Millennial friends?  The guys discuss the latest blog postDating in Your 30s: Why You Should Date “More than One” to Find “The One” – and how it really captures the Millennial spirit in that it defines the shift away from more of a settling mentality to more of an individual awareness. So, the guys discuss how selfish might actually not be a bad thing as now the individual spirit is more important than the professional spirit. When it comes to companies investing in their people, Turg and Randy think this symbolizes the downfall of the “company person” mentality. Turg thinks this gives rise to more entrepreneurial mindset. Randy says Turg isn’t properly defining the true “entrepreneur”. Randy refuses to join the dark side in agreeing with Turgs definition and argues small business is way different than entrepreneur. Randy feels that entrepreneurs are, in fact, true contributors to societal problems and aren’t – as Turg argues – selfish.

Turg thinks activism is more about the individuals’ role in the movement and not the message behind the movement.

This truly revolutionizes the mentality behind the perception that Millennials are somewhat counter-culture and forward-thinking as a collective body. Randy thinks that we – as Millennials – are doing better about making it a point to bring attention to the issues more now than before. But, in general the pressure about the issues that arise force our generation to act regardless of interest. Turg thinks vanity or self-interest is becoming more of an issue as to why people get involved in social issues. Randy thinks it’s because people don’t want to feel left out or included. This really speaks to the fact that people may not genuinely care about issues aside from being included or feeling the need to force opinions.

Trump has a lot of the Millennial tendencies that make us look bad as a generational group.

Turg thinks that Millennials are accentuating their selfish tendencies by falsifying their concern for these “Hollywood” issues by being too outwardly social about them. Randy thinks that if you’re passionate about something, you have to bring attention to the issue so it becomes an action. Turg thinks that there were so many issues not resolved that need attention and new issues have less importance when we fail to achieve resolution. Randy somewhat agrees and thinks that issues are being diluted. He also argues that being selfish is actually a societal epidemic and not just a product of the Millennial generation. Turg is adamant that selfish behavior was definitely perfected the art of being selfish – even though it is more of a societal characteristic.

As our generation continues to move forward, our views change based on our place in life – and kids are helping reshape Millennial mentalities

Turg thinks that general consciousness about issues and the weight of the decision making process is a burden on our generation and something we can’t handle. Millennials are selfish because of their lack of desire to understand the issues for what they represent. Randy thinks as a generation and a nation Millennials are late to the party in terms of making the long-lasting change that may impact our lives later.

It’s insane how much ground we cover in this episode and truly try to capture as much insight as possible. Catch us next week as we wrap up the Fuck Millennials series and discuss the final topic that defines the Millennial generation. And hey, if you have anything to share about this episode and how you feel after listening, chime in and drop us a line.

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