Episode Twenty: Fuck Millennials and Their Sense of Entitlement

Episode Twenty: Fuck Millennials and Their Sense of Entitlement

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Twenty: Fuck Millennials and Their Sense of Entitlement

Turg and Randy begin their journey with the first of a series discussing the pitfalls of the generation known as the Millennial generation, in specific…

Millennials and their sense of entitlement. Is it a warranted perception?

The guys plan to use this very pronounced theme of perception versus reality throughout the next few weeks as they discuss topics that involve the key societal characteristics of the Millennial generation as society dictates. Self-esteem plays a major role in the Millennial struggle. Society often paints Millennials as overconfident or arrogant in many ways. Randy discusses how he took classes as a kid to help reinforce his self-esteem. Additionally, Turg and Randy speak to perception as a reality because of how society reinforces these seemingly negative identities. Why Turg was straight up told he was too arrogant during a job interview. Randy touches on how being the jack of all trades is often times seen as a negative. Randy reveals that he was terrified of the self-esteem puppets as a child.

Next, the guys discuss the negative impact of excess on the Millennial generation. How information overload and too many options plays into weakening the Millennial mindset and collective unification. Why excess serves to divide rather than unite. Why having an excess of hobbies and options may be a bad thing. And is news overload corrupting our minds? Turg accuses Randy of being an agent of the fake news media. The Donald Trump-Sean Spicer connection rears its ugly head. Turg wishes he could be a little bit taller, wishes he could be a baller, and hints that he might have an agenda behind the types of company he keeps. Randy gets mad at the entrepreneur/small business relationship. The guys discuss why Millennials over-emphasize the need for validation and why this may be a product of the generational lack of self-confidence.

Turg and Randy discuss how Millennials are perceived as under-performers because of their ability to work less and get more done.

Randy calls Turg out for identifying as a Millennial. How hared experiences bond the Millennial generation whether people identify as Millennials or not. Why actual success may be limited by the perception of success and this may force more Millennials into the entrepreneurial route. And maybe the entrepreneurial-success correlation to a lack of economic stimulus.

Finally, Turg and Randy define success and how it is perceived by the Millennial generation. Randy perceives Turg as a company man and Turg explains that he is economically, spiritually, and emotionally fulfilled at his current employer. Next, Turg discusses how being a father of two really influences his decision making now more than ever. Randy explains how the priorities and focus shifts as each year goes by and why success seems to take on a different meaning beyond thirty.

Can we get a little more love for the Millennial generation here? Catch us next week as we discuss more pitfalls of the Millennial generation and whether or not we feel they are warranted or just straight bullshit.

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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