Episode Twenty Four: Owning Your Truth

Episode Twenty Four: Owning Your Truth

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Twenty Four: Owning Your Truth

Join Turg and Randy Z as they power through another listener question that addresses the expectations and characteristics of being in your thirties and…

Why is being comfortable in your own skin so difficult. Why would you ever let your partner dictate what you do? Should you love someone for where they are at and who they are, rather than what they have the potential to become? Why would someone you “love” make you forget your old self. Randy challenges Turg’s alleged reneging of a particular comment that needs some research. The guys revisit Randy’s baby talking ex-girlfriends and how, for some including Randy, this is an intolerable characteristic. In relationships, you need to know your expectations at thirty.

Randy discusses how one needs to know their audience when choosing a relationship. It’s not necessary to make extreme sacrifices to your own individuality in order to maintain a relationship – romantic or not. Turg talks about how there is a certain societal expectation that aligns people to their age – their thirties, for example. This pressure can overwhelm and cause breakdowns in character or individuality to the extent that it destroys the integrity of a person.

Turg breaks down his Burger King example and why wearing a cardboard crown relates to the expectations of us in our thirties. Randy says you have a choice to listen or pay attention to those that set the expectations. Just own your truth and live out your desires. Turg discusses Buddhism and how loving yourself is the key to unlocking your personal success.

Counter-culture is the real culture. Mainstream adapts. So the guys continue to discuss counter-culture, causes, and shifts in societal expectations and roles. Do you believe enough in yourself to take a risk and adopt, lead, and inspire? At the end of the day, own your truth.

We have lots more listener questions, topics, and ideas to discuss in the coming weeks. But, in the meantime, if our listeners have anything they’d like to share, let us know. We’d love to hear from you as a lot of what we hear and receive ends up driving our content forward.

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

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