Episode Thirty Seven: Troubled Love and Relationship Decisions

Episode Thirty Seven: Troubled Love and Relationship Decisions

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Thirty Seven: Troubled Love and Relationship Decisions

Join Turg and Randy Z as they revisit the next episode in the Netflix Original Series “Master of None” – Season Two Episode Five – The Dinner Party and discuss if relationships that form under curious circumstances are legitimately worth pursuing or if those feelings should be left undisturbed or…

Do you disturb the balance of love and tip the scales in your favor if you really feel a connection to that person?

Turg and Randy discuss their encounters with the balance of love. Looking at relationships from the perspective of a time commitment, is it right to let everything you’ve invested – time, emotion, life experiences – go to waste for something new? If you’re in a committed relationship and encounter a new love, do you pursue it? When others rely on the other person – in a friendship – to be true to their emotions without having it interfere with the outcome of a current relationship, it doesn’t always go as planned. Whether or not this has happened to us on our journey through life, it’s often difficult to predict how things will play out. There are too many variables unaccounted for in these types of situations to know what you would do in that circumstance.

Should dating be exclusive?

Randy asks Turg if dating- and relationships pre-marriage – should be exclusive from the standpoint of attraction and pursuing other people. Turg gives an idea of how he was approaching his relationship prior to marrying his love – nothing is ever exclusive until its final. It’s not uncommon to see married people thinking outside of their relationship as well – is that right? Randy discusses the time commitment behind balancing a relationship alongside a friendship with the potential of developing into something more. Sometimes it’s just not worth it and creates more stress than a person can handle. Is this something that changes in your 30s with respect to the mentality behind this thinking?

When pursuing someone that’s in a relationship, when do you just call it quits?

If you’re on the inside of a failing relationship and something more favorable appears, when do you decide to move on? Turg argues that you should always give love a chance and make the determination when all efforts are exhausted. But what if the relationship is beyond saving, how is that determination made? Who decides? What if one person sabotages the relationship before it is given a chance at repair, is that fair to the other person? If you don’t give love a chance, you’re not affording it the opportunity to grow and develop into something real.

On the other hand, if you have a friend going through relationship troubles, do you act on it? Being in a similar situation, Randy can relate. Unhealthy relationships end up finding a way to either fix themselves or fall apart, the guys argue sometimes this is a way to expedite the process or stagnating relationships.

We’re back next week with more Master of None discussions next week. Make sure you tune in for the climax of all things Master of None!

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