Episode Thirty Four: Breaking Up Isn’t All Sunshine and Butterflies

Episode Thirty Four: Breaking Up Isn’t All Sunshine and Butterflies

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Thirty Four: Breaking Up Isn’t All Sunshine and Butterflies

Join Turg and Randy Z as they rehash loves lost and discover more about their past as they dive into another relationship filled discussion that touches on themes touched on in the Netflix Original Series “Master of None” Season Two Episode Two and kick it off with…

How long was your longest relationship?

Randy thinks back to his longest lasting relationship and reflects upon why it lasted as long as it did. Turg thinks relationships that consume over a decade and go no where are more a waste of time than a benefit. Plus, they probably destroy a lot of your confidence more than help build experience. Randy wants to travel to Italy and ride Vespas in white linen suits for his dream bachelor party. Why? Because Master of None is pure inspiration and provides him with a soundtrack to his life.

Old memories always make for great lessons, if you’re not bitter

Turg asks Randy to dust off old memories of his past when he attended a wedding of one of his closer ex-girlfriends. Randy doesn’t think it’s always a bad thing to attend an ex’s wedding, but also thinks it’s best if you knew why the relationship ended and were able to heal the wounds. Obviously this always doesn’t happen, so it’s tough to be precise with this experience, but it’s always best to have the wounds healed by that time and not pull an Arnold.

Breaking up isn’t all sunshine and butterflies

Turg identifies with breakups and their benefit to an individual for future relationships. Not only does one learn from the mistakes made – if they’re able to reflect and internalize – they grow more resilient and start forming more developed ideas about wheat they’re looking for in a significant other. It takes time to develop the concept of who you’re actually looking for or what you’re looking for in a relationship. The future needs time to develop formidable lessons from the past. Randy thinks Turg used a convoluted philosophy to justify his romantic involvements in the past. Turg hunts for relationships by trying to find himself in someone else. Turg looks for defining traits and compliments. Randy views relationship perfection as finding someone that compliments you for what you’re lacking.

Has heartbreak helped you find the answer?

Turg and Randy go through past encounters and talk about how they helped form more of an answer behind who they really were. This can also serve to define you as a person and give you more insight into what you’re looking for in love. But once these encounters are over, what happens next? Humans are not 24/7 creatures – sometimes they just have to turn off in order to make the necessary improvements. Randy talks about how this one moment helped shape the rest of his romantic life and really set future expectations straight. Growth only comes when you’re being honest about what happened, rather than lie to yourself.

Pain is normal; accept the temporary nature of the hurt and learn to accept the lows that help bring the future highs into a greater perspective. Look outside of your window – the limited scope – and grab onto the hope that would help propel you further. Sometimes all people need is to be reminded that there is hope out there – or maybe the feeling that they are wanted/needed in other people’s lives. There are people out there that care for you. Seek them out and find their love. Keep the love train going. Turg sings you away and reminds you that if no one else loves you – Turg & Randy love you.

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