Episode Thirty Eight: Your Problems Mean Nothing

Episode Thirty Eight: Your Problems Mean Nothing

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Thirty Eight: Your Problems Mean Nothing – A Guide to Self Discovery

Join Turg and Randy Z as they catch up from a brief recording hiatus (that you would have never known about had we not mentioned it here) and discuss the next episode in the Netflix Original Series “Master of None” – Season Two Episode Six – New York, I Love You and hone in on not only what this episode meant in the actual scheme of things – but on a deeper level – why this episode meant so much to the guys and…

If you whack someone on the head with a metal water bottle, do they make a sound?

Randy shares a story about his travels and one instance in particular that sounds quite intriguing. The guys talk more in depth about how travel really forces humanity to disconnect. Often times we overlook the circumstances that surround us in that point in time and walk through life with blinders on. But what this episode of Master of None really helped us appreciate was the way the story was told. Turg shares his experiences when feeling the lack of humanity at an airport made him introspect at how impersonal everything really is. Where is the human element? Why do we think our problems matters more than the problems of other people? Are we really that self absorbed of a society and just disconnect when we see something that doesn’t suit our personal preference?

Sometimes we just need to stand back in awe of where we are and the journey to now.

Why do people genuinely not care about each other beyond their inner circle of friends and family? Turg mentions how people tend to avoid getting involved in other people’s lives because their plate may be full. Randy brings a nice contrast into the fray by bringing up that people might already have enough on their plate. While that may be true, Turg argues that people are less likely to take risks on others because the struggle within their own life is much more of a priority.

Do other people help progress our own narrative? Do we shut people down on purpose? Does that hurt our chances of moving forward in life as a well rounded individual?

Randy thinks that this is essential to the way life progress. Turg thinks otherwise – stating he doesn’t let a problem that’s not his get in the way of his own narrative. Friendships tend to get left behind in many conversations and their importance is often undervalued in society. Randy mentioned how essential a friendship was to him during a dark time in his life. Nostalgia is one of the driving forces behind this realization. But do we forget those that were once there for us when they need us most? Turg thinks that the independence people build around solving their own problems is essential. However, what about the communal aspect of the human condition that helps coping in the near term.

Random strangers are the modern-day psychologists; throw familiarity out of the door completely.

Chance encounters are have become the social norm for most people. It’s those who we meet on a daily basis that may assist in propelling our narrative further. But, why are we more readily accepting of a strangers opinion over those in our inner circle, at times? Turg argues it’s the lack of familiarity that gets the win here. Someone bringing in a more unbiased opinion without any skin in the game is seen as a lot more valuable – or maybe even that much more honest. One can also be manipulated by those they think are friends or family if they are lacking trust or integrity. Do we struggle with our depth of soul as a generation? Does it make us collectively weaker as a society?

Why can’t we trust someone else’s version of success? When life lessons are at stake, why do we shy away from knowledge that may help us avoid a pitfall in the end? Do we gravitate toward learning the hard way versus taking shortcuts from others’ past experiences?

Vulnerability is a topic not easily discussed when reflecting on our own issues

Why do we shy away from opening up? Turg shares that his lack of trust sometimes stems from his own internal struggles with trusting those around him. It’s easy to misjudge a situation or a reaction or even anticipate something that may happen. This could eventually lead us to make the wrong choices in life by trusting the wrong people. Deriving value from friendships is difficult when you don’t always trust them to be honest and impartial. Or maybe it’s just the pride that gets in the way of our trust at times? Turg does admit to being very prideful in stating that may be the reason why he’s such a mess. Randy doesn’t think Turg is a mess, but it’s just a matter of perspective.

So what does this mean for me in my 30s?

So you may be asking what does this have to do with being 30? From a trust and vulnerability standpoint, it means everything. Our journey is defined by our growth. If our growth is hindered by our flaws, how do we move forward? How do we take a negative perception of ourselves – or others – and turn it into a positive? Are we just doomed from the start? It is in our nature to learn, but not everyone learns the same way. Turg thinks you have to own your truth in order to learn the ropes throughout your journey. And while Randy knows there’s a lot of successes that come from failure, he understand that it just takes more time for some to get there than others.

What are you doing to change your life? How are you doing it? Where are your friends right now? Are you ready to hear our outro? If not, get ready? And get ready for MORE…to come.

We’re back next week with more Master of None discussions. Make sure you tune in for the climax of all things Master of None!

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