Episode Thirteen: The Black Eyed Peas Are Back!

Episode Thirteen: The Black Eyed Peas Are Back!

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Thirteen: The Black Eyed Peas Are Back!

Join your favorite hosts Turg & Randy Z as they sit down and get to talking about many things that make your mind tickle, including…

Turg refocuses his efforts, why lingering tasks are bad, meditation comes back again, names of a Lama, no gallbladder changes everything, why cheating is winning, how Randy is refocusing his brand, why Randy likes to practice on smaller things, how Randy plans to go solo in 2017, why Randy is the Fergie of life, why Turg is the self-proclaimed will.I.am of life, why the Black Eyed Peas became suddenly relevant again, ageism is a real fear, the Hamilton effect: why the guys suddenly feel like they’re running out of time, what’s heavy on Randy’s chest and why, how Turg misunderstands geometry and tries to justify his poor math skills, parents no longer live for themselves, why Randy gets the chills, and why life is a gamble and you’ll never really know what you know.

This episode is astoundingly full of pop-culture references – Hamilton, Fergie, will.I.am, The Black Eyed Peas, and so much more. We laughed more than we spoke. If this episode doesn’t make you smile, then we have no idea why you went ahead and finished it. Stay tuned until the very end and you’ll be rewarded with some hilarious antics. We promise!

With all great change comes great responsibility – join us next week for more into the minds of Turg & Randy Z. And as always, we’d love to hear from you: if you agree or disagree with anything we discuss on the show, feel free to drop us a line at podcast@talkthirtytome.com and let us know.

Intro Music:
Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

Outro Music:
Life Goal$ (Cake$ & Leather Mix) by Brutis Perux

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