Episode Sixteen: Circumcise Me

Episode Sixteen: Circumcise Me

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Sixteen: Circumcise Me

Join your “hosts with the mosts” Turg & Randy Z as they get rather testy talking about a certain part of the male anatomy that just gets all the juices flowing…

This week a listener question has risen and the guys answer probably THE most controversial question about the male member:

“How difficult is it for a man to tell his father that his baby son will not get circumcised because we are in a free country and the times have changed? Should baby boys continue to be circumcised in the 21st century? How does having matching penises make a man more manly and a better father?”

Come along this magic carpet ride with us as we discuss…

Why circumcision follows a path alongside family tradition, how age factors into the decisions you make for your children, why fathers might not say why but might intend on maintaining the tradition, why retrospect cannot necessarily shed light on the decisions that were made with our sons, if pain factors in to the early developmental portion of a child’s mind, what the general consensus thought about the question posed prior to recording the podcast, how Turg gets a random note from a Nurse about her stance on circumcision, what the hell intactivism is and why it’s suddenly relevant,

Then we continue to discuss…

how circumcision saves governments money all across the globe, if penis reconstruction surgery to reattach the foreskin really gets the job done, how when the perception becomes the reality we all lose, how celebrities like Howard Stern and Joe Rogan feel about the subject of circumcision, how misconceptions about circumcision have worked against the hooded ones, when circumcision is almost a dire necessity and why, why Turg is jealous of pussy power, how Randy justifies talking about penis with friends more and more, what happens when she falls out of love with your special guy, why wives typically side with the husband on circumcision and why Turg is pissed off about it, why Turg gets a bit ornery at the medical professionals that advocate for circumcision, why Randy doesn’t agree with Turg, and the guys wrap it up.

Tune in to find out why size isn’t everything – in regards to length of the episode – and why we insist on using so many puns on our blog (I’ll give you a hint, we missed the opportunity during the show). Hey, we didn’t record this damn thing twice only to have you not listen in and share; if you agree or disagree with anything we discuss on the show, feel free to drop us a line at podcast@talkthirtytome.com (or on our site) and let us know.

Intro Music:
Saturday Jam by Clifton “Notes” Ellens, Captain Noah, and Jonathan “Sankeyz” Sanchez

Outro Music:
Good Times by Brutis Perux

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