Episode Six: Chasing Apollonia (feat. Curtiss King)

Episode Six: Chasing Apollonia (feat. Curtiss King)

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Six: Chasing Apollonia 

Join Randy Z & Turg as they sit down with Curtiss King (artist, producer) to discuss…how they feel about the Rams move to Los Angeles to start a new NFL season, why Turg and Randy are gettin’ too old for this shit, how insecurities affect motivation, why life is like chasing Apollonia, when going to the hood goes wrong, bathroom encounters and the unwritten law of the men’s room, a look into life and professionalism as a balancing act, how your energy might actually be stopping your success, defining value for the modern day, Randy’s trouble with reciprocation, how giving at your lowest can change your life forever, and the guys redefine success forever.

Be prepared to have your mind blown…because it’s science! 

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