Episode Seven: Bitch, It’s Law

Episode Seven: Bitch, It’s Law

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Seven: Episode Seven: Bitch, It’s Law!

Join Randy Z & Turg as they conclude their conversation with Leslie Antonoff while they discuss how a lot of what they discuss hits home for most listeners, and yet most are too reserved to share openly; work, life, and parenting.
Leslie Antonoff joins the crew again to talk about  the work life balance is a fight you can never win, men are more logical than women, when to ask for help, why a job shouldn’t be your identity, how Randy just hit puberty, whether or not a job should be a passion, why we are globally ridiculed for our work ethic, how Leslie hasn’t actually had a real job, how hatred can awaken a change within, being poor is not something to do more than once if at all possible, the key to success is celebrating the small things, being successful doesn’t happen over night, feeling like a failure might be good for you.

Unfortunately, Randy Z is out of commission this month so we are bringing you an episode from the VAULT. As as it stands, this will conclude our series with Leslie Antonoff. Sadly, all great conversations must come to an end, but rest assured there will be more Talk Thirty to Me next month when we will be joined by a new guest with more exciting topics to cover!

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