Episode Nine: The Business Approach to Dating (Feat. Chris)

Episode Nine: The Business Approach to Dating (Feat. Chris)

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Nine: The Business Approach to Dating

Join Randy Z & Turg as they sit down with their guest, Chris (World Traveler), to discuss…why Turg is in a mood, how Randy is doing through recovery, how third wheeling it with friends is never fun, why if she doesn’t know about magic eye books then she’s too young for you, how random walks can lead to rehashed friendships, why Chris is trying his best to be anti-consumerism, how old people and hospice care make for free wisdom, why marriage is a goal to be reckoned with, why marriage isn’t a one-time commitment, how to spec out the right life mate, why dating should be conducted like a job interview, a new method to find the right person, the tech blunders of the singles market, knowing she’s the one can save you so much time (but how), and Turg Challenges Randy to up his dating style.

We don’t try to define love, but we sure come close. If you find yourself struggling with love, this is definitely the episode for you. And even if you don’t, join in for what’s sure to be a great time with the guys.

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