Episode Fourteen: Parents Just Don’t Understand (My Job)

Episode Fourteen: Parents Just Don’t Understand (My Job)

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Fourteen: Parents Just Don’t Understand (My Job)

Join your favorite hosts Turg & Randy Z as they spend the episode discussing the first in a series of listener questions submitted as well as…

why Turg has cotton mouth, Randy’s big real estate disappointment, how a real estate agent suggested Randy gets married, how the Trump effect hurts more than helps, Turg talks gifts and musical theater, we find out Rent has a special place in Randy’s heart, we learn a bit about Turg’s theater knowledge in a nutshell, why Turg is suddenly into musical theater, how Hamilton gains more relevance now with Rent in hindsight, the guys discuss live music versus soundtracks and albums, Turg says he’s taking the Talk Thirty To Me team to see Hamilton in Los Angeles, the guys consider a potentially new concepts for the show, stay tuned to see if the guys get sued for copyright infringements, and the guys tackle their very first listener submitted question:

“Dear Turg and Randy Z,

I just finished a season of basketball where I play overseas. I decided to get a summer job at home. After a particularly hard day at my job I came home and plop myself on the couch inside at which point my parents, my dad in particular, jokes about basketball not being a real job so I don’t know how to cope and once I get into the real world I’ll have rough days all the time. My brother constantly wants me to get a real job; join the workforce instead of  “mooch off my parents in the off-season.” But then again I play basketball and I make a living doing it. How is what I’m doing not a real job? I still have the same pressures to perform to be presentable in the public eye and represent my team in a professional manner. It kind of hurts my self-esteem when you don’t think your parents are proud of you because they see the kids you grew up with have moved on with their lives, have started their own families and have a traditional career. Then you have a grown adult daughter at home with no male callers or even the traditional living situation and career. What do I do?”

What does it mean to actually work at thirty? What is the true meaning of success as perceived by our loved ones at thirty? Do we communicate our struggles clearly enough? Do we handle each situation as measured and level headed as we can at this age? Do we struggle with the concept that the perception is reality as a generation? Do parents overreact when their children make the same mistakes they made at their age? Do parents let us make the same mistakes before trying to pose a life lesson for us? Do parents project their own failures to the extent that they destroy experiences for us as young adults? Are we just too sensitive as Millennials?

Join us as we discuss #WorkingAtThirty and why Parents Just Don’t Understand…


With all great change comes great responsibility – join us next week for more into the minds of Turg & Randy Z. And as always, tell us how we did; if you agree or disagree with anything we discuss on the show, feel free to drop us a line at podcast@talkthirtytome.com and let us know.

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