Episode Forty Seven: Why Finances Matter in Your 30s

Episode Forty Seven: Why Finances Matter in Your 30s

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Forty Seven: Planning Your Finances

Join Turg and Randy Z as they dive into the first in a series of shows dedicated to talking about the dynamics of finances and making the right financial decisions, how to manage your expectations for the big moments that matter, why these moments shape the rest of our 30s and…

Are we too caught up with finances at 30?

Turg and Randy discuss the impact of financial decisions in their lives while discussing Turgs recent Hamilton ticket purchase. How do these big buys really hurt us financially? What things must we consider before taking the hit on a milestone life purchase? Turg talks about the value of buying what we want and what makes us happy – focusing primarily on experiences. He argues that experiences last a lifetime, while a tangible buy might lose its allure after a few uses. He justifies his Hamilton ticket purchase as more of a life event and a coming of age of sorts as before he could never even dream of being able to afford something like this. Randy talks about a missed experience that parallels Turg’s Hamilton story. Do experiences really mean more for us – as Millennials – in the longer term? How can we justify their impact? Truth is, the Millennial generation has single-handedly resurrected the music festival scene. This serves as proof that a resurgent mindset focused on the value of an experience matters a lot to Millennials.

When do we know we are ready for the financial plunge?

Big purchases and life choices sometimes lead us down the path of spending more than we are normally used to – or comfortable – spending. So how can we better prepare for these life moments so that we aren’t caught off-guard? Randy talks about how some people find it incredibly difficult to get to that level of being ready – even if they make a decent amount of money and could potentially afford the plunge. Turg talks about how financial irresponsibility is a characteristic of our generation and how he – too – was once in that category. Sometimes taking that leap of faith helps us realize who we are and what we have. This often helps us prioritize our spending based on what is more important to us in our lives at a particular point in time.

So you’re married, how do you and your significant other manage your money?

Turg talks about how getting after what you want in life is equally important as saving for the future. The important part is to know what you can or can’t afford and live within those guidelines. As far as engagement and marriage goes, finances are important to get out in the open and hash out. Don’t hide what you have – talk about it early on and understand the situation. Couples often find it tough to discuss finances, but it is the root of all happiness (and equally unhappiness). Learn the fundamentals of joint finance by engaging in conversation, speaking with experienced couples or even speaking with financial professionals.

Social norms – are they important to acknowledge or simply distractions?

Turg reinforces how it’s important to remember to not over-extend yourself in a relationship – either emotionally, mentally or monetarily. Randy talks about how social norms play a huge role in determining how finances are approached in a relationship. Do you go after the expensive engagement ring, wedding venue, clothes, house? It’s important to realize social norms are constructs that we don’t need to follow. Know what you want and go for it.

Do you find it hard to establish savings in your 30s? Sometimes it’s difficult to find your way into a financial routine because of social norms? We know the feeling. Join us throughout the next series of episodes as we share the experiences that have helped us shape who we are today. And while it may not be a huge success, progress is everything in life.

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