Episode Forty Five: Success and Failure in 2017

Episode Forty Five: Success and Failure in 2017

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Forty Five: Success and Failure in 2017 (so far)

Join Turg and Randy Z as they recap and rundown their year talking about what they have (and haven’t done) almost three-quarters through the year while trying to set themselves up to have a successful year-end and killer 2018 for the podcast and their personal goals.

What has 2017 looked like this far?

Randy talks about the huge successes he has had for the year despite his falling short on certain personal goals. When expectations are met with success, it serves to motivate and drive progress in other aspects of our lives. Turg talks about how he thought 2017 was going to be a shit year with all that was going on in the world around us. Fortunately for him, he was wrong. For both Turg and Randy, getting a lot accomplished came down to being organized and holding themselves accountable.

So how do you hold yourself accountable at 30?

Making lists and doing nothing with them is absolutely useless. If you find that holding yourself accountable at this point in your life is tough, it’s time for some TRL (Turg and Randy Love).

  1. Set expectations as to what needs to get done and what could wait.
  2. Assigning tasks and then ensuring you actually arrange your priorities by – wait for it – the actual importance of each priority
  3. Assume failure, learn from it and grow
  4. Accept your bad habits and learn to transform them one at a time
  5. Learn patience in order to help pace your progress and reduce frustrations

Is consistency key when trying to advance your goals?

Randy addresses the issue of being consistent with goal setting. His advice – don’t let things linger, get them done; follow through is definitely the key to success. Turg throws in an additional nugget of wisdom in saying success comes with overcoming obstacles and removing the discouraging effects of not missing your mark. Set yourself up for success daily – don’t set lofty goals. Short term goal planning helps us focus on the near-term while building positive foundations for future growth and success. Long term timelines and lofty goals often go unmet. These tend to discourage us from moving forward with certain accomplishments in our lives instead of helping build  the positive reinforcement needed to progress our plans. For both Turg and Randy, goal setting is critical to ensure continued progress toward the ‘big picture’ dreams.

I before me, except after we?

Turg and Randy discuss priorities and life. Turg argues that prioritizing yourself before anything and anyone else. In most cases, if you don’t prioritize yourself no one will. Turg thinks trusting others starts with trusting yourself; if you can’t hold that promise or priority true, then you chip away at your own integrity. Randy argues that priorities shift based on the nature of the goal. Lots of goals can change based on the dynamic climate of industry. You can’t always predict what you think will happen, but you can keep options open and explore other opportunities without shaking the foundation of what you’ve been building. It’s helpful to remember that opportunities come in different forms and may not carry you down the traditional path to eventual success. Randy and Turg learn – by hashing out their differences – that success looks different for everybody because of the objectives that drive that success.

So how do we set ourselves up for 2018? What are you doing to prepare yourself for the year-end as well as setting up next year’s goals? How can we sustain the momentum to keep driving positive progress in 2018? Let us know your plans for the end of 2017 and the new year that is on the horizon. Hit us up!

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