Episode Forty Eight: Why Millennials and Finances Don’t Mix

Episode Forty Eight: Why Millennials and Finances Don’t Mix

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Forty Eight: Why Millennials and Finances Don’t Mix

Join Turg and Randy Z as they discuss the importance of knowing how to properly manage finances at 30 and the many shortcomings of the Millennial generation in properly executing well-managed finances and…

Really, why do Millennials suck at managing finances?

Turg discusses how the American higher-education system has been failing generations for decades, yet nothing gets done. The biggest impact – now with more possibilities for a poor financial decision to ruin everything – is to the Millennial generation that suffers ignorance at the hands of institutional learning. Randy continues this thought by focusing on schooling doesn’t present real world practicality, yet the pressure is real. No one teaches you how to balance a checkbook, build credit, get out of debt, or to plan for a successful financial future.

When you hit a low, what do you do?

We all hit troubled times in our lives where finances just don’t seem to work out. How do we find a way out? Turg shares his experiences with going off the deep end with his finances up to his late 20s and how it had been a constant barrage of debt collectors, calls and restless nights. Turg neglected to see he was in over his head and ended up paying the price through most of his 20s. This really relates to how there is a fundamental lack of understanding for a lot of people on how credit works, why credit is important and how to build great credit that lasts. Randy shares how he was able to focus on his finances because of a sudden health issue. He was able to scale his spending back because of certain limitations and was able to save for his dreams.

If motivated enough to succeed with your finances, you can dig yourself out of any hole.

Does the proposition of marriage, kids, and a house motivate us to work harder to get out of financial hardship? Turg talks about how he used his relationship to help motivate him to get smart about finances. He also think that if Randy would have been in a different situation with a relationship or in his career, he may have been singing a different tune when it came to his home buying experience. In reality, finances are all impacted by our environment and help influence our future. There is a balance that must be made in order to take hold of the outcome we see for ourselves in the future.

Using the past, we can master the future – we just have to understand how.

Turg talks about how the financial recklessness in his 20s helped him understand how to succeed financially in his 30s. The past is a jumble if we don’t dissect it and understand what we did wrong. So we have come this far, what have we learned? It’s important to take what you have experienced and apply it to what your goals are. It’s hard to make a big decision now – in our 30s – when there’s more to risk and a shorter time in which to restart and rebuild. Turg discusses how goal setting and finances go hand-in-hand with financial success and a lot of the decisions we made in the past could have been a lot different had we tapped into our past experiences.

Is it important to leverage our networks – or the people around us – to help us with our financial freedom?

Turg thinks that networks are a great way of using resources to elevate your current situation in making an investment that may be out of reach. Randy shares his experiences in relation to Turgs comments and fires back with a question – ‘What if you have friends and family that don’t have money to loan you?’ How do we leverage our network to help us make smart financial decisions we might not be able to make? Where there is a drive and a motivation to accomplish a goal, there is a way to achieve it. Don’t rule out your options before you’ve explored them. Maybe you’d be surprised that all you had to do was ask.

We don’t want this to sound like a lecture, but we’re here to help. There are ways to learn without having to endure a hardship. If you’re ever having any difficulties, talk to someone and understand your options. Don’t neglect yourself or your financial freedom. Know where you want to be, take active steps to get there, and be willing to make lifestyle changes in order to come out on top. If you ever need any insight, drop us a line! Together we can marry Millennials and finances and come out as winners! (Cheesy, we know)

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