Episode Five: McDonald’s Money (Feat. @HauteMommie)

Episode Five: McDonald’s Money (Feat. @HauteMommie)


Talk Thirty to Me Episode Five: McDonald’s Money and a Huge Caucus (Part 2)

Join Randy Z & Turg as they embark on an old, but new, journey…with more antics and shenanigans that carried over from Episode 4 with their first guest, Leslie Antonoff. This discussion carries a much different tone and hits on many different levels. We felt we had to absolutely release this content to everyone out there so you can enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. So join us as we discuss how friends and families react to interracial relationships, old people can be SUPER racist, that one time Randy got in a fight, debate interracial vs intercultural, ask if “You got that McDonald’s money?”, hard parts of being a parent, how do you identify culturally, when did you first become aware of your race, “How many black people have you had in your house?”, and the Totem Pole of Friendship.

Oh my oh my…so much in store for this episode, so tune in and enjoy!

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