Episode Fifty One: Preserving Your Health

Talk Thirty to Me Episode Fifty One: Preserving Your Health

Join Turg and Randy Z as they dissect the importance of mental health in our 30s since being 30 comes with the increased focus on career success, the shifting priorities that include new family obligations and substantial changes in schedules and overall aspirations

Is taking a break from the normalcy of life necessary?

Turg gets selfish and talks about his recent vacation and what it felt like to truly step away and disconnect. He feels that this helped him recharge and connect with his wife and gave him a renewed appreciation for the things in his life. Randy talks about how he still gets awesome paid vacations – just like back in college. These are the kinds of opportunities that keep us refreshed and drive our optimal performance throughout every aspect of our lives. Step back and take a breath; Turg talks about the contrast between ambitions and relaxation and how they cannot co-exist in the world in which we live. Randy identifies this reality, but doesn’t observe this mindset as it is not a viable way of maintaining his lifestyle.

The lack of Work-Life balance as a nation is influencing a culture shift in the way we view normal

What are we doing to make the right decisions needed in order to preserve the balance as it suits our lifestyle. Turg challenges everyone to reflect on what we do to challenge the status quo. Randy emphasizes that the environment we want is an environment we must create. It’s important to stay true to what you have and what you know is right. We know the challenge we have  ahead of us and it’s important to preserve the sanctity of balancing our careers with our lives.

How we learn from the past is an important step in how we shape our future

Turg talks about his parents and how their role is to set examples for us- whether it’s a negative or positive experience – throughout our lives. Randy backs this up by sharing a story about his father and how – after years of dedicating his life to his work – is now enjoying the fruits of his labor. It doesn’t make sense why he waited so long to realized this was important for him to enjoy his life. It can be distilled down to being a disconnect in societal expectations; taking vacations and time away from work for whatever reason is viewed negatively – still to this day! It’s almost as if we accrue vacation time as more of a novelty than a useful respite from the daily grind.

Leverage the resources and benefits you have to preserve your most valuable asset

We can learn a lot from the past, using it as a looking glass into our future. Repeating the same mistakes our parents and grandparents have made in their lives is certainly inexcusable. Randy mentions how living healthy is more of a privilege than a necessity. How we prioritize our health takes mental capacity and an affirmation of its importance and impact on our lives. But, there is an issue when a lot of our peers still cannot afford to live healthy because of various circumstances that prohibit this ‘luxury’.

Turg., Randy (and Sankeyz) put their best foot forward and make a commitment to themselves and each other to live healthy in their 30s. Living healthy is for you – do it. If you need the extra accountability, ask a friend. If you need affirmations, asks someone to review your approach. How do you stay healthy? What do you do to preserve your mental and physical health? Don’t focus on the treatment, get ahead of the curve and prevent the inevitable. We’re all getting old, the sooner you accept this, the healthier you will feel as a result. How will you do it?

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