Episode One: Did She Come First?

Episode One: Did She Come First?

Join Randy Z & Turg as they talk about how going to the library can improve oral sex, Fuck Ikea, why bullet journals are ridiculous and why we are suckers for them, and other musings on the inaugural episode of Talk Thirty to Me entitled “Did She Come First”. Listen.


Talk Thirty to me is a podcast dedicated to those who are either in their 30’s or turning 30 – or even those that have “been there, done that” and want to explore new perspectives on the world of two, 30-somethings, as they journey throughout their 30’s on a search for answers to the most pressing question: “What is 30?” 

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7 thoughts on “Episode One: Did She Come First?

  1. Enjoyed the podcast. Learned somethings about myself today. Or at least reminded me about somethings. Allow the plant to grow 🙂 Looking forward to future podcast you guys put together.

  2. Nice job! I liked it alot! I love the premise! All I ever do is talk with friends about how 10 years has changed us so damn much. Some of our 20 something selves would kick the shit out of our current selves! LOL looking forward to future episodes.

  3. Hey guys, new female fan here. Gotta be honest, I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I was going to, and it was totally relatable. Like you both, I’m short on time, but not on projects. If only I could up up down down left right left right select start and have 30 lives. Loved what you said on ROI for the many things we have going on in life. Maybe the reason why we have so many things running concurrently is so that we can experience small wins in different areas vs. a big win for a long arduous task that may or may not pan out. Or like you said … maybe instant gratification culture has conditioned us against patience and focus, so we find ourselves spread too thin to really experience substantial accomplishment. It’s a fine line indeed and I definitely don’t have all the answers, but you’ve given me a lot to think about ! Will for sure be tuning in next time. Thanks guys and keep it up !!

  4. I want to like this podcast, and listen…but I hate that you chose a name already well established on Insta. Surely if you have interesting, clever things to share, you are interesting and clever enough to come up with a name different than the one that 64 THOUSAND people including me have been following for a year and a half. Please change it while it’s new-ish, so there’s no conflict and we can love you both.

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