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Welcome to our Snazzy New Donation Page!

Donation page? Really, guys?

So yes, welcome to our new donation page. If, for some reason you have stumbled on to this, give us a chance to explain why we created this.

OK, go for it. What do you got?

Talk Thirty To Me is jointly run by Turg and Randy Z not just as something to do in our downtime (which believe us when we say is very sparse), but something we feel we must do for our generation. So in order to push out all that content to you guys we take charge of managing the podcast ourselves; we are our own directors, producers, audio engineers, video engineers, bloggers, web developers, assistants, publicists, best friends, fans…well you get the picture. With all the great content we are trying to provide comes many limitations. This is where you, the listener, comes in.

We do it all here at Talk Thirty To Me and while our base  content will never be impacted by the lack of funding, we would love to produce EVEN MORE content for our fans and listeners. With your help we can offer a lot more in return for your loyalty and generous contributions.

So what can I do to help?

You don’t need to give anything you’re not comfortable with giving – a quarter, fifty cents, a dollar, five dollars – we will only ask for you to give what you think our podcast is worth to you.

What if I don’t donate?

That’s just fine. Our podcast will still be available to you absolutely free! No strings attached. You may not receive our exclusive content or catch wind of news that may be limited only to those that donate, but you will be in the loop with all of our regular, monthly episodes.

What are some things my donation will help fund?

Well for starters, we are looking for a permanent recording space, or at least something that is furnished to accommodate our needs. We could also use some help producing our episodes and generating publicity, so some of your generous donations will help fund that avenue for us. Other than that, your donations will help fund new content on our blog, bonus videos for quick viewing, and a vastly improved user experience. We will promise to keep our donors posted of any new developments for funding opportunities in the future.

What do I get if I do donate?

Well that’s an excellent question. For now, you get a nice shiny mention in our show for every episode for the month you donate. If you subscribe to our podcast and commit to a monthly donation, your name will be on our podcast for as long as your subscription is active!

You also get that warm fuzzy feeling inside for helping us make great content that you can share with all your friends and even family.

Where do I go to donate?

We’ve made it really easy for you to donate securely using PayPal.


If you’d like to donate on your own – one-time – click the button below to donate

If you’d like to subscribe and help by contributing monthly – and you can cancel at ANY time – click the button below to donate (and we promise to send some love your way)

Donate To Us


We want to send out our sincerest of thanks to those of you that have contributed and will continue to contribute to our show. These past several months have been incredibly productive and with your help we are confident we can do bigger and better things moving forward! If you’re on the fence about donating, send us a message at and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have.Thank you and we appreciate your support!

-Turg & Randy Z