Talk Thirty To Me is a podcast dedicated to those who are in their 30’s or on the verge of turning 30 – or even those that have “been there, done that” and past their thirties and want to look back on their experiences with the perspective from a new generation – Millennials.

Talk Thirty To Me thrives on challenging the status quo whilst exploring new perspectives developed throughout the discussions of its hosts and their guests. The podcast is dedicated toward actively sharing the unique journeys of all those involved at this stage of life and the constant search for answers to the most pressing questions that arise throughout. As you embark on this Journey Through Thirty with us, here’s a little bit of background on your hosts:

Randy is…

A Gentleman and a Scholar. He is a lifestyle photographer and music publisher based out of Califas. After waking up on this 30th birthday and realizing he was not entirely happy with where he was in life, he started to wonder if he was alone in that sentiment; he picked up his camera and traveled around the US to find out. In hopes of inspiring others, Randy started filming a documentary about turning 30 in 2015. While his film is currently in post production,  Randy wanted to continue the amazing conversations he was having with people about turning 30.

In January of 2016 he launched Talk Thirty To Me® with Anthony Turgman; a podcast where they share their insights on life, love and the never ending pursuit of fulfillment. Since launching Talk Thirty To Me®, Randy has become a contributing writer for The Huffington Post, and continues his work with his award winning music production company, AG One Entertainment. He is a distinguished brother of ΠΔΨ. A proud UC Riverside Alum. True Blue Dodger fan since ’85 — and he has the membership card to prove it. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.





Turg is…

Talk Thirty To Me - TurgUndeniably one of the most interesting characters you will ever encounter. It was after he wed his beautiful and inspiration wife that he began taking an interest in more culturally charged topics, exploring his own journey as well as the journey of others, and has been actively challenging mainstream thought as a result. His desire to share with others helped put into motion what is now the Talk Thirty To Me® Podcast & Blog.

His goal is to become a leader of his generation as well as a role model to those around him. He actively challenges himself to become better at what he does everyday as well as continuing to grow his love and devotion toward his amazing wife and children. Recently, Turg has taken his dream to the next level by forming his own company – Live Solutions – where he hopes to unite those looking to make a difference in their local or global communities, while still maintaining their individuality within their respective professional or social circles. Tattooed Brother of ΛΘΦ. Proud graduate of UC Riverside and UC Davis. Reppin’ the Giants – Orange & Black – since before he was born. Oh, and he’s a Clipper fan as well. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram